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5.1 Offshore Drilling Units There are basically six basic types of offshore ... 4, 5, 6, etc (3 and 4 are the most common) (c) as for the type of jack–up legs: ... (e) as for the location of the drilling area: • slot type; • cantilever type; as for the jacking ... Semi–submersible rigs are either self–propelled or towed to a drilling site and  ... Hefplatform - Wikipedia Een hefplatform, hefeiland of jack-up is drijvend werkplatform dat dat voorzien is van ... Dit type platform wordt vaak gebruikt als een mobiele buitengaatse booreenheid ... een uitsparing (slot) in de achterzijde wordt geschoven en platforms waarbij de boortoren ... In 1950 werd voor Magnolia Petroleum de DeLong Rig No. Understanding rig rates - SSB However, jackup rigs are rented in a contract market, so that contract length and ..... types are independent leg cantilever jackups (m = 1), independent leg slot ...

Offshore Rig Recycling Report — February, 2018 Oslo—Houston—London—Rio Rigs Sold for Recycling Past 6 Months *Mat and slot jack-up rigs not included. Rig Name ontractor Rig Type Water Depth (ft) Region Year Ocean Alliance Diamond Offshore Semi 6500 US GoM 1988 Ocean aroness Diamond Offshore Semi 1500 US GoM 1973

World drilling market absorbing new jack ups - Demand for jack up drilling rigs has pushed up day rates, with 17 newbuilds delivered in 2000-04 and 12 more under construction. Several new designs lead the way, including the Rowan/LeTourneau ...

Jackup rigs are segregated into slot or cantilever rigs, depending on the application requirements. The slot rig has an area within the outer limits of the rig through which all drilling is done. The derrick is located over the slot (Fig. 16-12). The cantilever rig can be positioned over or near the well site.

The hull of the platform is triangle box-type structure. ... 375FT CJ-46-X100-D JACK-UP DRILLING RIG ... 200FT OFFSHORE DRILLING SLOT JACK-UP RIG. Rowan Companies marks 50th anniversary of landmark ... - IADC

Jack-up Drilling Rig Facts: This is a model make for the Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum of Galveston Texas. They wanted a model of their Ocean Star drilling rig toOther types of rigs include, semi-submersible, drill-ship, and platform. The Ocean Star was converted into an oil drilling museum.

InfieldRigs – Jackups InfieldRigs rig type section contains information on each individual MODU asset. Users are able to search by drilling rig type including drillships, semisubs, jackups or tender rigs and then further by the sub type of the asset. Admarine 657 rig - Jackup - Advanced Energy Systems About The Rigs Website. What you are seeing is a selection of sample rig information from the Infield Rigs database. If you would like to see more detailed information regarding the unit, please click here to contact a member of the Infield Rigs Team or call us on +44 207 423 5000